Marquee Hire Hertfordshire

Hiring a marquee sounds simple; it’s basically a giant tent, right? Wrong!  Marquees come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and types, so it’s not as simple as measuring your space and then choosing a marquee that fits.

As well as size, you also need to find the perfect style and shape marquee for your event and then hire it from a respected provider.
After all, you don’t want to get dumped with your marquee and learn that it costs extra to have it assembled for you. Or worse, to find out that you’ve been given the wrong product and are unable to get in touch with your supplier.
For the best results, you need to find a marquee hire specialist that knows the Hertfordshire area and can offer you a quality service.
That’s where we come in.

Dynamic Marquees is a leading marquee hire company specialising in helping event organisers, wedding planners and companies to find and hire the perfect solution to make their event memorable for all the right reasons.
Since we first started, we have gained extensive experience offering marquee hire for some of the most prestigious events in the UK’s social calendar.

For marquee hire in London and Hertfordshire, you won’t find a better supplier. Our team of experts love to help our clients and make their event, whether it’s in Hertfordshire or the surrounding area, truly special. From our base in Wembley, we’ve supported clients across the South, including Hertfordshire, and provided them with beautiful marquees that have made their event stand out from the rest.

Coronavirus Precautions For Marquee Hire Hertfordshire

At Dynamic Marquees, we take safety seriously, both for our valued customers and our skilled team members. As an experienced marquee hire company, we’re committed to continuing to bring clients across Hertfordshire the exceptional marquee hire services that they expect, which is why we are taking every safety precaution possible. Our premises are temporarily closed to reduce the spread of the virus, but we’re still available on the phone or via email to help any new or existing customers with Hertfordshire marquee hire.

Outdoor events are the ideal way to keep your guests safe and ensure that they follow social distancing guidelines, but the Great British weather is so unpredictable that you don’t want to risk getting soaked or buffeted by the wind.
A marquee combines the fresh air and wide-open spaces of the great outdoors with a shelter to stop the elements from becoming an uninvited guest.

We’re happy to help any event coordinator to plan the perfect gathering and stay compliant with the Government’s guidelines.
Our team is up to date with the latest information and guidance, so they can advise you on the number of guests you can invite and how far apart they have to be, then help you to find a marquee that will meet your requirements. The result will be an exciting event where everyone stays safe and has fun!

Wedding Marquees

Getting married is an unforgettable experience, so make your big day truly special by hiring a marquee from Dynamic Marquees.
We offer a selection of stunning wedding marquees for couples across the county. Whether you’re looking for something small and discreet or expansive and extravagant, we can make your outdoor wedding dreams come true.
Hertfordshire is just one of the areas that we provide marquee hire for, and over the years we’ve been proud to offer wedding marquee hire to hundreds of couples and turn their dream wedding into a resplendent reality.
We can build any marquee to your unique specifications. As such, our solutions can fit into almost any space and turn it from a beautiful piece of the Hertfordshire landscape into the perfect wedding venue.
Our offering extends beyond just marquee hire: we can also supply you with lights and unique wedding décor, such as our innovative LED furniture.
So, if you want to host an unforgettable outdoor wedding celebration in Hertfordshire, then look no further. We’re the perfect partners and can help you to find the perfect gear to make your special day extraordinary.
Corporate Functions

Corporate events don’t have to be boring and stuffy; if planned correctly, they can be exciting, fun-filled experiences that leave every guest energised and ready to be the best in their field.
A great way to set your team building activities or corporate conferences apart is to host them outside, but for that, you need a safe space to gather everyone together and make your pitch.
For an enjoyable and engaging outdoor corporate function, you need a high-quality marquee that will allow guests to feel relaxed and ready to learn.
Dynamic Marquees can provide companies throughout the Hertfordshire area the chance to hire corporate marquees that will turn their corporate events from drab to fab!
We can set up our marquees in almost any space and help you to add any backdrops, projectors or furniture that you need to make your corporate event a success.

Film And TV Marquees

Hertfordshire is home to an array of stunning landscapes, so it’s understandable that film and TV production firms would choose the region to shoot some of the world’s most popular shows and movies. If you’re trying to find the perfect location to epitomise the beauty and majesty that is Great Britain, then look no further than Hertfordshire. From rolling hills to patchwork fields, there’s a shot to suit any feature, but you’ll need to keep your valuable equipment protected from the temperamental British weather, and that means that you need a quality marquee.
If you’re looking to film in Hertfordshire, then Dynamic Marquees has everything you need to get your shoot off to a flying start.

We can assemble our marquees in almost any outdoor space, and with an array of different types, sizes and styles, we’ve got the marquee to suit your needs and the professional service that you want.

Festival Marquees Hertfordshire

Hosting a festival is a rewarding yet challenging feat, and one that takes a lot of hard work, planning, and organisation. Take some of the hard work out of planning your festival by collaborating with Dynamic Marquees!
We’ve provided marquee hire to some of Hertfordshire’s biggest festivals and events, so we know how to provide a pitch-perfect service from start to finish.
Whether it’s a music festival, a celebration of local foods, or a school open day, we can offer you a wide range of marquee options so that your event goes without a hitch.
Our marquees come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can choose one that will perfectly suit the tone and size of your event.
From the initial consultation through to packing away after your event, we’re on hand throughout the marquee hire process to make sure that everything is perfect.
It’s this exceptional standard of service, combined with our wide range of marquee hire options, that makes us the best choice for any event planners looking to host an exciting festival in Hertfordshire.

Everyone loves a good party, where you can let your hair down and have a laugh with the people that you love the most in the world.
If you’re hosting a birthday party, christening, anniversary celebration, or any other type of party, then Dynamic Marquees is here to help make it a night to remember.

Our marquees can help you to enjoy spending time in your garden without worrying about the weather. If you want to host your entire party outside, then you can, thanks to our weatherproof solutions. With so many different types of marquee to choose from, we’ve got something to suit any party. From small marquees to large tents capable of hosting hundreds, we have it all, so all you have to do is call, and we’ll be able to find the marquee that works for you.

Marquee Decorations And Lighting

Just because we call ourselves Dynamic Marquees, doesn’t mean that’s all we have to offer! As well as marquees, we can also offer decorations, lighting, furniture and bar hire and sale. No matter what you need to host the perfect event in Hertfordshire, we’ve got you covered! Let us be your preferred partner for marquee and equipment hire in Hertfordshire. We can offer the complete package and will provide a first-class service from start to finish, so you can sit back and watch as we transform your outdoor space into the ideal venue for your special occasion.

We hope that this page has helped you to see that Dynamic Marquees is the perfect team to supply the ideal marquee for your celebration.
Every event is different, so for a bespoke quote and expert advice, get in touch with us today. When you hire your marquee from us, you don’t just get a product; you also get the benefit of our expertise from the moment you submit an inquiry until your event is over and guests have branded it a resounding success!