There’s no more fairytale setting, than a beautiful marquee in one of you and your partner’s favourite idyllic locations. Although it’s the most special and cherished day of life, the build up and planning of a wedding can feel like an incredible amount of pressure. However a marquee can provide you with some peace of mind, and our established marquee hire company can provide all the add ons to ensure your day is the most memorable and beautiful celebration of your love and commitment.

Not only can a marquee wedding ensure you can invite as many guests as possible, but is the smartest option when ensuring that the temperamental UK weather won’t threaten to ruin all of your tireless planning. With our marquees, we can put them on any surface, or space you desire, and our team will take care of the set up and dismantling process of all equipment provided.

There’s nothing we’re more passionate about than making a happy couple’s day the most special start to the rest of their lives together, with our highly recommended marquee service. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate wedding marquee guide, that tells you all you need to know when planning your dream marquee wedding!

What to consider for your Marquee Wedding


The length of your guestlist will impact the scale and size of the marquee we will provide you with. If you’re expecting hundreds of guests at your wedding, or only your nearest and dearest, then we can build a marquee that will fit everyone inside, with enough room for some serious dance moves when the after-party gets under way. 


A marquee always gives a classic look to any wedding. However, without a lighting concept, it’s full aesthetic potential won’t be fulfilled. It’s crucial to plan ahead with lighting that will illuminate the beautiful details you’ve put together, and to really get people in the party mood. Create the right ambience with our wedding marquee specialists, that are well experienced in choosing the right lighting equipment that reflects you, and your partners personal taste!


We can provide a range of shapes, styles and sizes when it comes to wedding marques. Your wedding theme will inform us on the style you require. Whether you’re looking for something a little more traditional, or open and contemporary, we can provide you with everything you need.

Flooring/ Dance Floor

Flooring is a generally important thing to consider when it comes to laying the ground for the perfect marquee wedding. Maybe you need wooden flooring, or matting. Marquee flooring can ensure a comfortable and safe setting for your special day. The most important flooring option of all of course, is the dance floor, where you and your loved one will be taking centre stage. You’ll need to opt for a non-slippery and sturdy floor. We’ll provide a full dance floor installation, so all you’ll have to worry about is whether those dance classes paid off!


Ensuring your guests are comfortable and warm throughout the day is paramount to us. We can provide heaters of all kinds that ensure your marquee is the perfect temperature. We’ll plan ahead depending on the month, and forecast of your special day. Our heaters are fully regulated and safety-monitored, and our team will be on call to ensure there’s no heating-related hiccups along the way. 


If you’re wanting to host your actual ceremony in the marquee, we can provide a bespoke seating plan that ensures everyone has a great view of your special moment. We will also plan seating around your catering schedule and of course, a chill out area which is well needed next to the dance floor. Dining tables that are the right size are crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Whatever marquee furniture you require, we’ve got you covered and are here to ensure you day is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. 

Bar Area

Perhaps one of the most important features of your marquee is the bar area! We can provide a bar that stocks alcoholic and nonalcoholic options for your marquee wedding. We will ensure you guests are happy, hydrated and refreshed and ready to toast the happy couple at any moment of the day!

Marquees for intimate or large gatherings

Finding the marquee that is tailored to your guest list is crucial. If you’re planning something a little more intimate, we have smaller linked marquess with the capacity for an extended reception area meaning you can enjoy your say’s celebrations all under the same roof. We have a catalogue of suggestions when it comes to locations that are ideal to set up a marquee, such as The Great Barn. A member of our team is always on call, to provide you with advice and information regarding the most suitable marquee for the scale, size and style of your special day. 

Marquees to match you budget

A marquee is the ideal solution to ensuring you don’t go over budget. It ensures you avoid the high costs of pricey venues such as halls or hotels. Dynamic Marquees have experience tailoring our marquee hire service to budgets of all ranges. We will sit down with you and understand your full requirements, and the budget you have set when it comes to venue and add ons. We will then show you a whole range of options that fit within your budget, and that reflect your personal taste. Our team will be able to calculate the costs, and communicate with you in the process to ensure there won’t be any financial surprises along the way. 

We can even show you our extensive portfolio of marquee weddings, where you can see the benefits of our services for couple’s with a similar budget to yours. Although by no means will you have an identical wedding, it’s always useful to get some inspiration for similar styles, themes and tailored marquee options.